Personal Statement

I'm based in Beirut and London.

My architectural training informs my interest in light and space. I make sketches from life, and often supported by photos, filter these experiences through memory in the studio. I combine thick impasto oil and thin watercolour washes. Paint is brushed, dripped, flicked, scraped, slashed and wiped to achieve visceral expressions of meaning and movement.

I'm interested in blurring the boundaries between realism and abstraction, and the paradox of capturing a sense of time and inner light in a still image.

I explore the symbolism of narrative motifs, suggesting dramatic contrasts in the city and the coexistence of pain and joy. I often suggest childhood memories, the collective amnesia that often happens during and after challenging events and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Whilst these are the main concerns of my studio practice, I often exhibit paintings as site specific installations which grow from the buildings I work in. My exhibitions are immersive experiences which go well beyond the illusion of a two dimensional image. By transforming abandoned spaces into living centers of creativity, I hope to preserve precious heritage and memory which is under threat from profit driven development and contribute something positive to the place I live in. This concern for wider society informs my collaborations with disadvantaged children.

Art doesn't exist in isolation. Where religion and politics divide us, Art offers us a common ground and a peaceful path of expression.



Exhibition (forthcoming) Revival at Hammam Al Jadeed, Saida Old Souq, Lebanon

Exhibitions about the Lebanese Protest Movement 'Thawra' at Beit Beirut, Janine Rubeiz Gallery and ArtScene Gallery (@392Rmeil393, Beirut)

Travel to Egypt to paint


Exhibition at Rayak Train Factory, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Travel to Armenia to paint

Lecture  Art of Healing about the transformative power of art at medical conference, International Society of Paediatric Oncology (in association with Chance Association- Children with Cancer, Lebanon)


Exhibition of artworks, installations and partial renovation of Sofar Grand Hotel,Lebanon, featuring a month of on site musical, theatrical performances and artwork shops for local schools, refugee camps, orphanages and Universities.

The Grand Sofar Hotel

Exhibition of artworks incoordination with the British Embassy in aid of Rebecca Dykes Foundation in Lebanon and Royal Opera Arcade Gallery,London

Lecture at Soho House (Mayfair), London Art and Intervention in Beirut

Lecture at Levantine Heritage Foundation The Lost Levantine Houses of Beirut, London

Lecture at the British Academy,London
Troublemaker, Liberator, Scapegoat, Spears In Lebanon 1941 -1944

Keynote speaker on Art andTransformation in Lebanon, Sarajevo, Bosnia Why Remember? Ruins, Remains, Reconstructions International Conference

Produce and co-direct film about Lebanese Independence and General Spears titled The Painter and the General (Work in Progress) 


Exhibition at Al Zaher, Beirut

Lecture at the American University of Beirut Museum 'House Of Spears' 

Exhibition 'Full Circle' at Haigazian University, Beirut


Residency and teach art workshops to children of Dar Al Aytam orphanage at Al Zaher, Zarif, Beirut

Lecture, Film screening and Exhibition at Alwan For The Arts, New York City

Exhibition  Spectrum at British Embassy Residence, Lebanon

Art Residencies in Beit Boustani and Holiday Inn, Beirut

Exhibition 'Flowers Of Lebanon', 54 The Gallery, London


Collaboration 'Tyre Art Jam' - a collaboration with Lebanese children, and Syrian and Palestinian Refugee children at Al Bass Roman Hippodrome, Tyre, South Lebanon. The resiulting stop motion animation film of the project is screened at 'Archeolife' Film Festival, Cagliari, Italy.

Exhibition at La Magnanerie, Beirut


Exhibition At The Rose House in Beirut- transforming an iconic empty mansion in Beirut into an exhibition venue and cultural center for 3 months.

Exhibition ‘Talk Peace Act Love’ at CAP Kuwait

Symposium Al Asmakh International Art Symposium in Doha, Qatar


Exhibition 'Fairground' at British Embassy Residence, Lebanon in aid of SOS Children's Villages, Lebanon.

Art Workshops with children from SOS Children's Villages, Lebanon.

Produce 4 short films, 'Carousel', 'The Beat Goes On', 'Out Of Armenia' and 'SOS- Hayda Libnen'.

Exhibition  Carousel at Villa Paradiso in Beirut. Help to restore an abandoned mansion that had been derelict for 40 years, transforming it into a venue for the exhibition. The villa has since become a permanent center for the Arts.

Teaching Painting and Drawing at the Art Market Academy in Venice, to coincide with the Venice Biennale.


Exhibition of London Paintings at Avenue, St James's, London.

Commission to paint the Olympic Broadcasting Services Building, London Olympic Village. 300 signed prints of the painting presented to heads of the world's media at Games Opening Ceremony.

Commission to collaborate on a live art performance about the Royal Jubilee River Pageant from roof of City of Westminster School, London.

Commissions to paint in New York, London and Oman.

Screening of 'Beirut Art Jam' at 'Whitewall' street art exhibition at Beirut Art Centre and Das Scharf International Film Showcase, Berlin.


Exhibition of landscapes at Gabala International Art Exhibition, Azerbaijan.

Exhibition new paintings at Aida Cherfan Fine Art, Beirut.

Collaboration with artists Dominic Madden and Noor Haydar on stop motion painting animation 'Beirut Art Jam'.

Teaching art and music workshops at Al Kamandjati School, Bourj al Barajneh Refugee Camp, Beirut


Exhibition 'Road to Damascus' series of paintings at St Pauls Cathedral 300 year anniversary exhibition, St Pauls, London.

Exhibition 'Portraits of Beirut' at Aida Cherfan Fine Art, Beirut

Commission to paint public mural, Saifi, Downtown Beirut

Teaching art workshops at SOS Children's villages, Lebanon


Exhibition Group show of paintings at Aida Cherfan Fine Art, Beirut

Commission to paint landscapes in Andalucia, Spain

Exhibition of French and Moroccan landscapes at Le Grenier aux Artistes, Roquecor, France.


Commission to paint landscapes of Jerusalem and the West Bank for Al Quds Media head office 

Exhibition '12 centuries of Fez, Morocco' at Unesco, Paris

Teach drawing and painting course, South West France

Exhibition 'The Thames', Russell Gallery, London

Exhibition about Lebanon 'Resilient Spirit', Indar Pasricha Fine Art, London

Commissions to paint landscapes in India, Lebanon and England


Exhibition 'From London to the Levant', Adam Street Club, the Strand, London

Exhibition 'A Select Six', Oakham Gallery, St James's, London

Commission to paint landscapes in India, Morocco, Mallorca, Italy and England


Exhibition 'I Love Beirut', Adam Street Club, the Strand, London

Exhibition 'Moods of London', West Eleven Gallery, Notting Hill, London

Exhibition paintings about London in a touring exhibition in Berlin, Barcelona and Milan

Commission to paint landscapes in Lebanon and Syria

Teach drawing workshops with children in Dahiye, Beirut


Exhibition 'The Thames', Russell Gallery, London

Exhibition 'Metropolis', Rainbird Fine Art, Clerkenwell, London

Commission to paint landscapes in Venice, France and Cumbria

Architecture project artist to visualise the National Army Arboritum for Liam O'Connor Architects, London


Exhibition 'Cityworks', Artbank Gallery, Clerkenwell, London

Exhibitions new city paintings at Artbank, Russell and St'art Galleries, London


Exhibition new work with St'art Gallery at New York (Armoury), Dublin, Glasgow and Chelsea Art Fairs


Exhibition 'From Life', Gallery 54, Mayfair, London

Exhibition at Cusp Gallery, Burghley House, London

Exhibition 'Landscapes and Nudes', Chateau de l'Hoste, France


Exhibition of figurative work, 'Living Presence', Oxo Tower Gallery, South Bank, London

Exhibition of nudes, 'Body', Coningsby Gallery, Soho, London

Commission to paint cityscapes in Rome


Exhibition of French and Italian landscapes, Hall and Knight Gallery, New York

Exhibition 'From Abstraction to Landscape', Studio 115, Oxo Tower, South Bank, London

Exhibition of Abstract work 'Blu r red', Oxo Tower Gallery, South Bank, London


Exhibition of landscapes, private residence, New York

Exhibition 'Soul Music', African American Art Fair, Philadelphia

Commission to paint Western Wall in Jerusalem


Commission to paint Sainte Chapelle in Paris for Mellon Foundation private collection, USA


Exhibition 'Spanish landscapes', private residence, London

Residency Gallery coordinator and artist, Valencia, Spain


Found and manage Fusion Art Collective, Newcastle


1992-5: BA(Hons) Architectural Studies, Newcastle University

(time spent studying in Istanbul and Prague during the degree)

1991-2: Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Norwich School of Art

1986-91: Uppingham School, England

1973: DOB, England